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I am all about understanding and unlocking value in companies and personal life. I have keen interest in Business, Technology and Investment, and this blog serves as a focal point for their intersection. Along with some memes.

This curiosity has lead me to wear many hats before, during, and after studies.

  • Junior Product Manager for a custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business applications agency. We served clients such as Microsoft, National Healthcare Group and leading SMEs in the Car Accessories and Building Maintenance industry.
  • Independent growth and technology consulting for Singapore, US and London-based SMEs and start-ups.
  • Trainer for technology workshops for junior high and university students
  • Equities investment analyst for HK and US
  • Dual roles of Trading Engineer + Trader. Automated trading between platforms, and was market-maker for US and HK commodities and currencies.
  • Software Engineer in the Data Management Group at Rakuten Japan’s Advertising Division.
  • Product Manager for Shopee HQ’s Computer Vision product line.

I have also worked overseas and remotely for extended periods of time in Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.

Talk to me if you’d like a holistic perspective across business, technology, finance and cultural contexts.

You can contact me for engagements at my email, or LinkedIn.

You can also view permitted works in my portfolio.

Technology Consulting

Market-Making & Engineering

Product Management

Technology Training