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Hello Worlds

I always thought writing could bring 3 worlds into one neatly. COVID gave me some time to reflect on the things that matter. Thus this seemed timely, and a good place to post my (hopefully) deeper thinking on topics of interest to readers.

I find insight in combining different fields of thought, and teasing out the essentials from each that can form a (hopefully) valuable opinion, in the perspective of Business, Technology, Investment.

In hope of writing more articles, I can refect deeper and discover new insights that makes me a little more knowledgeable. I’m happy to have readers who intend to take a similar journey!


Such truth and inspiration

Well you probably know the tone of the blog by now. I hope I can blend some low-key-funny into more serious content that still adds value. On a serious note, I like combining the best of corporate execution, and inventiveness of early to seed stage start-ups.

I was always fascinated by the internal workings of a company that give it an edge over competitors. Think about it: How the operations are done, how each person contributes a multiplier effect, and how decisions are being made – all these turn into competitive advantages for a firm. It is also worth nothing how externalizations affect an organization, and what they can do (with or without technology or investment), to overcome it. I would like to push further to say it is possible, with enough courage and will – but technology can make the process of change smoother.


Technical Debt Incoming

The hot topic since Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google (FAANG). You may see a few references of them. But how about going down to more matured technologies, and how they can combine for an individual or company to make lives easier? I compare some practices at some of these technology companies, and how they can be incorporated in a “non-tech” and in personal capacity.


Investing Memes - Wonka | | Flickr

Private and public markets are intriguing. The concentration of capital has led to fantastic products and services, and continue to do so. I wish to cover some of the trends I observe in private equity and publicly traded markets, and they are responding to new events.

Once again, thanks for coming. Till the next post.

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